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A company dedicated to innovation

Our Story

PharmEnable is a Cambridge (UK) based drug discovery company, using a combination of medicinal chemistry and AI/computational approaches to design the next generation of small molecule drugs.
Our mission is to develop novel and specific drugs for otherwise untreatable conditions.


An international team of world class scientists and business leaders with an integrated and adaptable working culture.


Our interdisciplinary approach brings together cutting edge science and advanced AI/computational methods.


We pride ourselves on our open, collaborative approach to drug development.


A highly driven team brought together by a shared mission to create revolutionary new medicines.

Founded on personal experience

hannah’s story

Our CEO Dr Hannah Sore is a medicinal chemist by background, and has worked across academia and pharma, as well as having a successful business consulting career.

In 2012, after being seriously ill from sepsis, Hannah decided to leave consulting behind, and instead dedicate herself to creating the next generation of new small molecule drugs.

She put together a team of Cambridge scientists and entrepreneurs, in order to create innovative solutions to some of our biggest healthcare challenges.

A passion for chemical diversity

Natalia’s story

Our CSO Dr Natalia Mateu is an organic and medicinal chemist. Her strong chemistry background, with a particular focus on diversity generating methodologies, has shaped the scientific methods that form the foundation of PharmEnable’s unique offering.

Natalia and Hannah met while they were both in the research group of Prof David Spring, working on the development of novel diversity-oriented synthesis approaches. Natalia’s career had already spanned across the pharmaceutical sector and academia, and she had a deep passion for bringing powerful and innovative chemistry to drug development. Hannah and Natalia teamed up to make this vision a reality.

Creating scalable impact

jelena’s story

Our CBO Dr Jelena Aleksic is a geneticist and serial entrepreneur, passionate about building businesses with a scalable positive impact in the world. The former CEO of GeneAdviser, an online marketplace for clinical genetics, she has founded 5 companies, and advised and mentored many others.

Hannah approached Jelena after she saw her giving a lecture on entrepreneurship. They went for coffee to talk about starting a company, and have worked together ever since. Jelena was drawn to the potential of chemical diversity for developing powerful new drugs and ultimately improving patients’ lives.

A Cambridge story

Our story emerges out of the research and the collaborative ecosystem that is typical of Cambridge University. In particular, our team was brought together and our early scientific efforts were founded on the principles of chemical diversity coming out of Prof David Spring’s lab.

Our efforts were also greatly boosted by the help and advice of Dr Andreas Bender, an expert in AI and chemoinformatics. Cambridge brings together scientific expertise and commercial experience, to produce innovations with global impact.