Director of Molecular Informatics and AI

PharmEnable are delighted to announce and welcome Dr David Vidal as our new Director of Technology. Dr Vidal brings with him an impressive background in computational chemistry, with expertise in machine learning/AI. He has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and has over a decade of experience in computational drug discovery projects. At PharmEnable, he is leading the technology development, focusing on implementing innovative modelling techniques and algorithms as part of our drug discovery platform. Dr Vidal said: “I am very much looking forward to becoming a part of the PharmEnable team as Director of Technology. I am excited to contribute to their cutting-edge approach to drug discovery, and to develop novel AI methods for mapping and addressing unexplored areas of chemical space.” He will focus on computational drug discovery, specialising in molecular modelling, cheminformatics, machine learning and computer-aided design and drafting (CADD). His previous role at Mind the Byte, where he led the research and development department committed to the development of new modelling technologies for in silico drug discovery, provides him with a wealth of experience to bring to this role.  Dr Natalia Mateu, Founder and CSO of PharmEnable, said: “We are delighted to welcome Dr David Vidal to the PharmEnable team. We believe his extensive expertise in computational drug discovery will contribute significantly toward the PharmEnable goal of developing the next generation of medicines.”