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Our mission is to create a global biopharma drug discovery powerhouse, with an asset-rich portfolio of small molecule drugs across various disease areas, by unlocking breakthrough medicines for otherwise untreatable conditions.

Our Vision

The PharmEnable method focuses on creating chemical diversity, making potential new medicines that are 3-dimensional and inspired by nature. This enables us to develop small molecule drugs that are highly specific and have fewer side effects.

We unlock novel parts of chemical space, providing powerful and innovative chemistry solutions for hitting otherwise undruggable targets.

Our Projects

We have a range of in-house projects and ongoing partnerships. We work across a range of disease areas where drug specificity is a significant challenge, such as cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

In particular, we specialise in drugging challenging targets, and also using our technology to target specific protein-protein interactions of major cancer targets.

Collaborating with you

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with companies who are aligned with our goal of developing powerful new small molecule drugs. We bring significant medicinal chemistry expertise and cutting-edge AI drug discovery technology. We are looking to partner with organisations that bring a depth of biology expertise, and are working to develop drugs for especially challenging targets.

Partner With Us

If you are interested in partnership opportunities, we’d like to hear from you.