Our Technology

Creating the medicines of the future

At PharmEnable, we believe in the power of diversity and chemical complexity to tackle challenging biological targets, lower attrition rates, and ultimately create the next generation of small molecule drugs.

Our approach focuses on efficiently exploring and mapping the possible chemical space by designing novel small molecules that are 3-dimensional and inspired by nature.

Unlocking Challenging Targets

A process enhanced by AI technology and guided by our scientists to identify the key interactions to modulate a biological target

Covering unexplored chemical space

State of the art AI technology combined with medicinal chemistry expertise to map and expand novel chemical space

Designing novel complex molecules

Synthesizable 3-dimensional small molecules that mimic nature’s complexity

Unlocking chemical space to design innovative drugs


A hybrid human/AI-based intelligent cheminformatics system that identifies the most suitable regions of chemical space and proposes the best chemical synthetic options to deliver active molecules against a given biological target.


Our proprietary and unique accessible chemical space. It is composed of novel virtual compounds with a high degree of complexity and diversity to ensure an efficient coverage of chemical space.


A multicomponent and modular system of state-of-the-art AI methods and gold standard computational tools for efficiently mining chemUNIVERSE for a given biological target.